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"It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to start a war.  It takes a lot more to put an end to a war.  Fools can easily start wars, and wise men are left not knowing what to do."  Nikita S. Khrushchev, 1970

“Wars are God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” – Ambrose Bierce (1842 – 1913)

"Waging war is simple, but running a country is very difficult." Pham Van Dong to Stanley Karnow

“History does not repeat itself; it is historians who repeat one another.” – Max Beerbohm (1872 – 1956)

“All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” – Mark Twain

Links to the United States and International Election Returns

The Shameless Supreme Court is Responsible for the Assassination Attempt on Trump's Life (July 15, 2024)  -


An Informal Political History of Israel (July 11, 2024)  -


Why the Democrats Must Keep Biden as the Candidate  (July 2, 2024)  -



Donald Trump's Political Prosecutions (June 3, 2024) -


The Trump Prosecution is an Attack on the Electoral College (January 19, 2024) -


Suppression of Independent Candidates is the Source of Our Political Discontent (August 6, 2023) -


Why Israel Needs Affirmative Action (July 6, 2023) -


The Supreme Court has turned the Constitution into a Religious Text (June 18, 2023) -


Monmouth County's Recount Proves the Reliability of Electronic Voting Machines (March 7, 2023) -

The Problems with Our Democracy (December 12. 2022) -


The Second Amendment Requires the Regulation of Automatic Weapons (Juneteenth, 2022) -


Why the Supreme Court Won't Overturn Roe (May 27, 2022) -


Putin and Trump: Partners in Partisan Politics (March 20, 2022) -


In Ukraine, Putin Takes A Page from Hitler's and Israel's Playbook  (February 28, 2022) -


My Proof that Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election (February 17, 2022) -


The 2021 Off-Year Elections: Triumph of the Millionaires (February 10, 2022) -

The Patriotic Antecedents for Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine (October 5, 2021) -


The Increasing Importance of Vice-Presidents in American Politics (August 21, 2021) -

Gaza War is Netanyahu's Re-election Strategy (May 14, 2021) -


Trump's Attempted Coup Just a Repeat of Bush's Stolen Election Playbook from 2000 (February 7, 2021) -


Trump's Lies Matter (January 12, 2021) -


More Conclusive Proof the 2020 Election was not Stolen (January 7, 2020) -



The Historical Flaws in the "Trump Won" Argument (January 4, 2021) -



Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, Proves that Biden Won in a Fair Election (January 2, 2021) -

2020 Election Analysis (December 14, 2020) -


The 2020 Landslide: Voters Turn Out to Throw Them Out (November 24, 2020) -  

Democrats' Misplaced Faith in Mail Voting (September 11, 2020) -

The Supreme Court is Responsible for the Wave of Political Violence Sweeping the Nation (September 4, 2020) -


Why Biden Has to Pick Governor Gretchen Whitmer as Vice-President in Order to Win the White House (July 30, 2020) -


Good News for Biden from Pennsylvania (June 19, 2020) -


The Wisconsin Primary Proves Election Day Should Be A National Holiday (May 1, 2020) -

The Real Iowa Caucus Results in 2020(February 8, 2020) -

It's the Democrats, Stupid! (January 13, 2020) -


Paul M. Kattenburg on What It Means to Be An American and the future of Foreign Policy (December 21, 2019) -


Reneging on Agreements is a Good Way to Start A War (December 5, 2019) -

The Case for Keeping the Electoral College (April 11, 2019) -

Trump's Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over the Golan Heights is an Attempt to Provoke a Major War in the Middle East (March 21, 2019) -


The Wellington Mosque Massacre Proves that Gun Control Works (St. Patrick's Day, 2019 -


The Worrying Meaning of the 2018 Off-Year Election (January 11, 2019) -


How the 1962-1963 New York Newspaper Strike was a Major Contributor to the Vietnam War (November 7, 2018) -


Why Hillary Lost (June 17, 2018 - Father's Day) -

Vietnam Redux, Trump's Middle East War (May 15, 2018) -


Donald Trump is the Opposite of Dwight Eisenhower (May 12, 2018) -


Why did the United States end up with Donald Trump as president? (May 13, 2018) -


The Special Senate and 18th Congressional District Elections Yield Three Important Political Answers and One Observation (March 16, 2018) -



Off-year Voters Deliver Victory for Democracy and A Drubbing to Trump (November 14, 2017) -

Trump's Election Integrity Commission Makes Fraudulent Claims (September 15,2017) - 
Black and Blue Lives Matters (July 30, 2017) - 

The Danger of Believing in Stolen Elections (July 9, 2017) -


The Emperor of Yankeeland - Kaiser Donald I (July 2, 2017) -


Jim Crow Comes to New Jersey - the Catastrophic Gubernatorial Primary (June 22, 2017) -


Trump’s Psychotic Protectionist Trade Policies

We Have Been Here Before, Twice (January 24, 2017) -


Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and the Survival of the White Race (January 4, 2017) -


How Hillary Lost (November 30, 2016) -

Donald Trump’s Historic Victory (November 16, 2016) -


NEW! The Greatest Presidents and a ranking of all the others based on new formula and data - (January 4, 2017)

Donald Trump – the Great Belittler (September 10, 2016) -

Brexit Would Mean the End of the UK, not the EU (June 28, 2016) -


Donald Trump and the United Failed States of America (May 22, 2016) -



How the New York Times Brainwashed America into Believing that the Arabs

 Struck First in the 1967 Six Day War (April 7, 2016) -


Pankaj Mishra – Spokesman for the developing world (March 12, 2016 -

On Your Mark, Get Set, the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary (February 12, 2016) -  

The Need For and Justice of Affirmative Action (January 20, 2016) -


Israeli Accusations of Anti-Semitism are Admissions of Guilt (January 20, 2016) -



Why is ISIS Attacking France? Ho Chi Minh knew the answer in 1924 (January 10, 2016) -


The ISIS Attack in Paris and the New Jersey Assembly Elections (November 19, 2015) -

Why do all the GOP candidates sound like George W. Bush? By Lawrence 
Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff (August 24, 2015) -  




On His Own Terms: A Life of Nelson Rockefeller by Richard Norton Smith, and Nationalist in the

 Viet Nam War, Memoirs of a Victim Turned Soldier by Nguyê͂n Công Luâ̩n: two brilliant and

 important books guaranteed to change anyone’s understanding of the 1960’s.

 (May 11, 2015) - 


An explanation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Transcript of NPR’s Democracy Now
 interview with Seyed Hossein Mousavian, a former nuclear negotiator for Iran. 
He served as Iran's ambassador to Germany from 1990 to 1997 and is now an
 associate research scholar at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of 
Public and International Affairs (April 6, 2015) - 

Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism By Larry Siedentop,

a really important book for understanding why the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq keep going. (April 1, 2015) -


Black History Month Special: The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism by Edward E. Baptist (February 18, 2015) -



In the Ukraine Crisis, Western Warmongers Try to Overturn Results of World War II (February 16, 2015) -


Hanoi’s War and the Cause of Gridlock in Washington (February 7, 2015) -  


Why Netanyahu will Lose and the Democrat will Win the Presidency in 2016 (January 26, 2015) -

The Charlie Hebdo Hypocrisy (January 12, 2015) -


The Case Against Israel (December 6, 2014) -


Republican 2014 Mid-term Rout Not as Bad For Obama as It Appears at First Blush (November 5, 2014) -


Why Obama Won in 2012 – Read The Center Holds: Obama and His

Enemies by Jonathan Alter. A truly great piece of political reportage.


Not Refighting is Different from Remembering – How Obama stumbled

 into Syria (September 30, 2014) -

The Ebola Virus and Corrupt Elections (September 5, 2014) -


Margaret MacMillan is the Greatest Diplomatic Historian of the Twentieth Century (August 16, 2014) -


Why Eric Cantor Really Lost – A Grassroots Revolt (June 11, 2014)


The Turning Point of World War II (March 3, 2014) -


Chris Christie Goes Down For the Count (December 8, 2013) -



Own Goals and Compromise American Style (October 10, 2013) -


Government Shutdown to End by October 18; Real Reason for

 Republican Intransigence is to Create Grounds for Impeachment

(October 3, 2013) -


Ratification Demonstrates that the Republicans have become Hostage-Takers Over Obamacare (September 26, 2013) -   


The Second Term Foreign Policy Curse; Cultures of War and

 Obama’s War of Choice Against Syria (August 30, 2013) -


Why It Is Important to Elect Rush Holt to the United States Senate from New Jersey on August 13, 2013 (July 18, 2013) -


Supreme Court’s Assault on Voting Rights Fueled by Inconsistent Logic (June 25, 2013) -

An Open Letter to Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas Asking Them To Resign (March 3, 2013) 

Barack Obama, the eighth best president in American history. 

The Great Conciliator (November 19, 2012) -


Romney Running Religious Campaign for War and Global Economic Collapse (October 2, 1012) -

No Iran War Under Netanyahu (August 20, 2012) -


The Black Hole of the Korean War in American History (June 15, 2012) -


Will Obama Win? (April 22, 2012) -



Israeli Leadership Change Is A Giant Step Toward War With Iran

(April 2, 2012) - 


Israeli Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientists Intended to Precipitate War

(January 15, 2012) -

New Jersey’s Governor Christie Crushed By Legislative Results (November 29, 2011) -



Chris Christie’s New Jersey Republicans Use and Abuse Legal System to Outlaw Defeat of Incumbent Republicans (September 24, 2011) -

Racism is the Root Cause of the Debt Ceiling Impasse (Bastille Day, 2011) - 

Foreign Policy and Prosperity: Failure to Raise the Debt Ceiling Will Cause Economic

Equivalent of World War III (June 29, 2011) -  



Afterbirth: Accurate Analysis is an Essential Part of Democratic Self-Government. The

Triumph of Racism in the Republican Party is the Root Cause of the Recession –


Obama’s Re-election and Monetary Reflation (April 18, 2011) -  


Fukushima Nuclear Power Disaster Should Mean the End of Nuclear Power (April 10, 2011)


New Jersey Non-partisan Legislative Map (March 31, 2011) -


Soldier Among Diplomats Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of and American Warrior

 by General (Ret.) Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11.

 Ignore it at your peril. (March 14, 2011) -

Inventing Human Rights: A History by Lynn Hunt, a very important book for understanding
contemporary politics and government. (March 6, 2011)   

Arab Revolt Driven by Demographics and Internet (February 26, 2011) -


Is the United States a Democracy? Read The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy

 in the United States by Alexander Keyssar (February 2, 2011) -  



Bye, Bye Bibi and Hosni, the Bobbsey Twins of stolen elections: Peace and Democracy Coming to Middle East (February 1, 2011) -  



War Memoirs of David Lloyd-George: The Most Important History Book of the Twentieth

 Century (January 17, 2011) -


Supreme Court Votes for Mass Unemployment and War with Iran (December 2, 2010) -


The Case Against French Colonialism by Nguyen-Ai-Quoc (Ho Chi Minh).  Written in 1923 and 
published in Paris, this pamphlet lays out the case against colonialism with facts, sarcasm, irony and wit. - 

Book Review and Essay: Crossing Mandelbaum Gate and Con Thien – The Hill of Angels

(November 18, 2010) -


2010 Midterm Elections: Low Turnout Yields Coalition Government to Deal with Deteriorating Economy (November 3, 2010) -



Willkie, Farr and Gallagher, Top Wall Street Law Firm, Corrupts Politics and Hurts Economy (September 1, 2010) -  

David Lloyd George’s War Memoirs and the Creation of Israel (August 26, 2010) -  


Birthright Citizenship Comes from Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, not the Fourteenth Amendment (August 4, 2010)  -



Stolen Elections are a Threat to National Security: Bush, Netanyahu, McCain Plus the Liberty, Mavi Mamara and Cole.  Israel’s Navy goes Berserk. (June 6, 2010) -



Everybody Loses: UK Voters Demand National Unity Government to Face Economic Equivalent of World War II (May 7, 2010) -

Jerusalem: Zionism’s Achilles Heel (March 17, 2010) -


First Year Assessment: Obama is Nixon in Foreign Policy, Gorbachev in Domestic Policy; Plus the Republican Conundrum, and Why The Side Effects of Long-Term Drug Use Is Reason for the Dysfunctional Political Dialogue (March 8, 2010) -


Brown Win In Massachusetts Shows Urgent Need To Reform Senate Politics (January 20, 2010) -  


Christopher Christie Is Pulled Into the Governor’s Mansion by the Vacuum Created by the Collapse of New Jersey’s Democratic Party (November 15, 2009) -

Joshua Leinsdorf runs for Governor of New Jersey as an Independent (June 6, 2009) 

Link to YouTube Video of Josh on Piscataway Community Television (October 20, 2009) To YouTube

Compare the Positions of All the Candidates for Governor of New Jersey.  Visit the Hall
Institute’s Virtual Debate (September 11, 2009) - 

Link to introduction to Leinsdorf for Governor campaign and his position on how public funding of campaigns is used as an instrument of corruption by the two parties.


Radio Interview with Richard Lee of the Hall Institute (July 14, 2009) -

Why Taxes Are High and Jobs Are Hard to Find? (June 23, 2009) -


Link to Positions on Taxes and Expenditures

Link to Op-Ed Piece on Education in the Trenton Times -


Link to Another Op-Ed Piece on Education in the Trenton Times -


Time To Hold The Lawyers Accountable (April 28, 2009) -



Israel Votes for A National Unity Government Under Tzipi Livni.  Will It Get A USA-2000 Style Election and War,   Or a Stab At Peace? Is Israel really a Democracy?  Why Netanyahu Lost. 

Israel is New Jersey (February 16, 2009) -

The Longest War: The Iran – Iraq Military Conflict by Dilip Hiro shows there is nothing to fear from Iran 
(February 5, 2009) - 
The Israeli Assault on Gaza is the Palestinian Kristalnacht (January 26, 2009) - 

Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Importance of Being in the Right Place at

 the Right Time (January 26, 2009) -

Opinion: Democrats Set to Stimulate Economy 
into Soviet Style Collapse (January 7, 2009) - 


Obama’s Victory: A Replay of 1960. Blacks and Hispanics Take a Seat
 At the Table. The Rehabilitation of Richard Nixon (November 23, 2008) - 
Extra! Extra! Barack Obama Becomes Third Consecutive New President 
To Lose New Hampshire Primary and Was Unable to Get 
Elected to the House of Representatives. 
(November 5, 2008)

McCain: a roll-the-dice commander, By Gideon Rachman, from the Financial Times, September 2, 2008

(October 26, 2008) - 
The Banzhaf Power Index and Equity - Another Reason to Keep the Electoral College (October 3, 2008) - 



The Arab Center The Promise of Moderation by Marwan Muasher is the

most important writing to come out of the Middle East since the Ten Commandments (October 3, 2008) -  


The Tragic Farce of the Bush Administration (August 21, 2008)- SMALL2


Bush Says War On Terror To Last Forty Years: WAR JOURNAL


 book on Iraq, this is the one to read.  Engle has lived in the Middle East for twelve years and speaks

 fluent Arabic (August 9, 2008) -

Analysis: Israel’s Hamas Truce and Syria Negotiations are Prelude to Iran Attack (June 23, 2008) -



The Genius of Democracy – Voters Reprise the 2000 Presidential Election in the Democratic

Party Nomination Process (June 4, 2008) -

Kentucky and Oregon: Voters Refuse to Quit and Get Off the Fence (May 21, 2008) -




Democrats in Big Hurry to Lose White House, Think They Can Not Lose.  Judge Smith and Role

Reversals (May 18, 2008) -  SMALL2


Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries Make Popular Vote a Dead Heat in Democratic

 Race (May 14, 2008) -



Obama Regains Popular Vote Lead on Surging Turnout in North Carolina and Indiana (May 8, 2008) - SMALL2



Somalia is Not A State, Not A Failed State (May 5, 2008) - SMALL2


Venue Shopping 2008 Election Winners Proves Gore Won in 2000 (May 2, 2008) - SMALL2



Pennsylvania Gives Clinton Popular Vote Lead,

Obama leads in Caucuses (April 24, 2008) -


The Complete Official 2006 Election Results: Over

 85,481,870 voters; more than 800 million ballots

 cast; 36 Governor’s races; 33 Senate races,

435 House races; over 6,000 state legislators

and 196 ballot questions. Read all about it (April 17, 2008)- SMALL2




Voters Boost Obama Into Serious Contention (Lincoln’s 199th Birthday) -


The First Super Tuesday, February 5, 2008: Voters Turn Out; Romney Drops Out; Democrats in Marathon Horse Race; Obama Nips At Hillary’s Heels, Emerges As New JFK (February 8, 2008)  -


The Florida 2008 Presidential Primary: The Voters Seize Control of the Candidate Selection Process

(January 31, 2008) -


South Carolina Presidential Primary Results (January 27, 2008) - SMALL2


Michigan Presidential Primary Results (January 16, 2008) -  SMALL2




Complete and Final Results from the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary: New Hampshire Voters Turn Out in Droves To Make A Brilliant, Difficult First Cut in the 2008 Presidential Race (January 11, 2008) - SMALL2





Iowa Votes To Protect Its Poll Position in Presidential Nominating Process (January 4, 2008) - SMALL2


Leinsdorf’s Second Law - Stolen Elections Lead to War: The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro (January 4, 2008) - SMALL2



A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on

Terror by Alfred W. McCoy is an important book.  Link to review -





Prime Minister John Howard Becomes the Second Australian Prime Minister in 106 Years to Lose His Seat in Parliament on the Heels of a Crushing Defeat by Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party (November 24, 2007) - SMALL2



Ornery New Jersey Voters Stay Home in Droves to Send Shock Waves Through Trenton (November 15, 2007 - SMALL2


 Bush is Turning the United States Into An Israeli Colony (November 4, 2007) -  SMALL2


The Voters’ Strategy for 2008: Brokered Conventions (October 25, 2007) -

Bush Endorses Guliani, the Republican Kerry (September 22, 2007) - 
Bush's Iraq Trip A Reprise of Carter's Trip to Iran in 1977 (September 16,2007) - 
The Quranic Concept of War by Brigadier S.K. Malik, with an introduction by the late General M. Zia-Ul-Haq, Chief of the Pakistan Army Staff
and dictator of Pakistan, is a great book about the Islamic approach to war compared to western concepts.  .  Published in 1986, I am the fourth person to take
this book out of the Princeton Firestone library in the past 21 years (where General David Patraeus got his Phd.) For a brief excerpt on strategy click on book
icon. (September 4, 2007) -  
Is the United States torturing prisoners in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo?  You bet.  Read a brilliant, first hand account: 
FEAR UP HARSH, An Army Interrogator's Dark Journey Through Iraq by Tony Lagouranis and Allen Mikaelian published by
NAL Caliber, New American Library, a division of the Penguin Group ISBN:978-0-451-22112-4 $24.95 (August 23, 2007)
Michael Vick Prosecution Part of Iraq War Propaganda (August 17, 2007) - 
Mortgage Meltdown Proves Importance of Illegal Immigrants 
(August 17, 2007) - 
No President Arnold: Governor Schwartzenegger Is the Reason for the
 Weak Republican Presidential Field (August 13, 2007) - 
Record 2006 Off-Year Turnout of 85,375,277 Voters Proves Integrity of 2004 Election in Ohio 
and Electronic Voting Machines (July 22, 2007) - 
The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace by Ali A. Allawi is essential reading for policymakers, soldiers,
relatives of soldiers and voters interested in understanding what happened and what is happening in Iraq.  Allawi left Iraq in 1958, studied in the west, 
and returned after the invasion to become defense minister.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and objective.  Allawi has been paying attention to the 
details in Iraq for six decades.  Whether one is for the war, against the war or undecided, this book will change your mind about how to proceed.  (July 17, 2007) 
Voters Handicap the 2008 presidential race 
(May 27, 2007) - 
Complete, Official, Final 2004 Election Results:
More than 123,271,028 voters casting over 800 million
votes, Dozens of presidential candidates, 33 Senate races,
435 House races; over 5,750 state legislative races and
159 ballot questions.  Read all about it!  (June 18, 2007) - 
9/11 Attacks will be the deciding, if not the only, issue 
in 2008 Presidential Race (May 19, 2007)- 
The Political Publishing Event of the Century: 
The Memoirs of Nikita S. Khrushchev.  In three volumes. 
 Essential reading for anyone interested in American 
foreign policy, politics and history.- (May 27, 2007)  
Click on books for link to brief review  
Sarkozy Squeaker A Nod Toward Vichy France and War (May 7, 2007) -  
Link to French Election Results -
Iraq War Already Lost on Unacknowledged Shock Wave of Brain Injuries
(April 28, 2007) - 
United States Considered Attacking Iraq in 1958 (April 9, 2007) - 
Why the House of Representatives is Spearheading Opposition 
to Iraq and Its Impact on the 2008 Presidential Race (March 25, 2007) - 
The Crisis of American Nationality (March 16, 2007) - 
Can the Democrats and Republicans Snatch Catastrophe from the 
Jaws of Defeat in Iraq? (March 8, 2007) - 
Bagram Attack is Bush's Mini-Tet and the Cause of Historic Market Decline
(March 1, 2007) - 
2008 Presidential Race Already A Disaster (March 1, 2007) - 
Time to Take Saddam Hussein Seriously (February 3, 2007) - 
The Sixth Year Foreign Policy Curse of the Two Term 
United States Presidency (January 30, 2007) - 
Fight the Roots of Terror, Not the Symptoms: 
Financial Times interview with Abdullah Badawi, the Malaysian prime minister (January 29, 2007) -
Gerald Ford, the Worst President of Modern Times. The Person Responsible for 
the Rise of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush and Unelected Presidents 
(January 13, 2007) - 
Bad News for the Legacy Candidates In 2006 Off Year Election
(October 21, 2006) - 
Is There Something Rotten In The State Of New Mexico?  Did 
Governor Bill Richardson Support George W. Bush in 2004? (October 2, 2006) - 
U.S. House Proposal for Voter Photo I.D. and Citizenship Proof is 
Playing Politics With the Future of the United States's Democracy
(September 22, 2006) -
Maine Strikes A Blow For Democracy (September 20, 2006) - 
9/11 Remembrance - It is important to remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers and Osama Bin Laden are Saudis. 
 Rachel Bronson has written THICKER THAN OIL: America's Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia.  Sponsored by the
Council on Foreign Relations, THICKER THAN OIL is like reading a National Security Council briefing book on Saudi-American
relations from the beginning until today.  Absolutely indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the War in Iraq and Middle 
East Policy. [Published by Oxford University Press ISBN-13: 978-0-19-516743-6]- (September 11, 2006)
Was Kennedy the First Fragging Fatality of the Vietnam War?  Vietnam War Memoirs Point to the 
Involvement of General Paul D. Harkins in Kennedy's Assassination (August 1, 2006 amended November 21, 2009) - 
Three Essential Books (June 6, 2006) - 
Bush Opts For War (May 3, 2006) -  
Bush Copies the Errors from John Foster Dulles's Playbook: Treating the 
Funding of the Palestinian Authority After Hamas's Victory like the Funding
of the Aswan High Dam (April 17, 2006) - 
All Democratic Elections Beginning To Look The Same: Berlusconi Tries to 
Pull A Bush (April 17, 2006) - 
Ali Baba - Bound, Honor Killing and Group Identity in Water Deficit
Societies (April 10, 2006) - 
War With Iran Is Next On Bush's Agenda (St. Patrick's Day, 2006) - 
Vice President Cheney's Hunting Accident Possibly Caused by Stroke (February 19, 2006) -
Mob Rule Yields Corrupted Haitian Presidential Election (February 19, 2006) - 
The Sinking of Salam 98 is the Objective Correlative for Islamist Violence
 Against the West, The Danish Cartoon of Mohammad is Just the Vehicle of
Its Expression ( February 7, 2006) - 

Hamas Landslide in the Palestinian Territories and Iranian Victory of President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad Presents Unprecedented Opportunity for Middle East Peace - Will the United States and Israel Miss It Again? (January 27, 2006) -

Water, Not Oil, Is The Major Cause of War in the Middle East; and Polygamy Is the Reason For Strong Tribes and Weak States (August 24, 2003,Amended January 27,2006) -

Psephological Reasons Why Alito Should Be Rejected by the Senate (January 16, 2006) -

Eugene McCarthy, 1968 Peace Candidate, dies at 89 (December 13, 2005) -

D.C. Confidential by Christopher Meyer is indispensable Christmas reading or gift (December 4, 2005) -

Worst New Jersey Governor's Race in Modern History (November 16, 2005) -  

Link to Joshua Leinsdorf for Princeton Borough Council Homepage - Click on small picture of Joshua Leinsdorf

Ensuring Contested Elections - Leinsdorf Runs for Princeton Borough Council (October 6, 2005) -

Oklahoma Rejects Gas Tax Hike By 7 to 1 (September 21, 2005) -


Essential Reading: Why Love Matters: how affection shapes a baby's brain by Sue Gerhardt (May 3, 2005) - Click on books for link to brief book review

Why Kerry Lost (January 23, 2005) -

Massive Turnout Puts Bush Over the Top - Complete, unofficial, state by state presidential returns from November 2, 2004 election (November 29, 2004) -

The Five Crucial Geographic Regions Needed To Win the Presidency Why Bush Needed Ohio to Win, but Kerry needed Florida and Iowa or New Mexico.  The Genius and Necessity of the Electoral College. (November 11, 2004) -

It's Foreign Policy, Stupid: Bush's First Elected Term Won Because Of The War He Helped Start During Term He Stole - Historical Pattern Broken (November 5, 2004) -

Bush Wins Ohio and the Election: Nader Did Not Cost Gore The Election in 2000; but may have cost it to Kerry in 2004: Undecideds Did Not Vote: Iowa Caucuses May No Longer Be Relevant (November 4, 2004) -

The 2004 Presidential Election: Record Turnout Ignored by Candidates, Some Voters Wait Longer to Cast Ballots than Bush and Kerry are Willing to Wait for Results: Democratic Party Dead -Chaos at Inaugural Predicted (November 3, 2004) -


State By State Voter Registration Deadlines and Link to National Voter Registration Form (September 15, 2004) -

Hawaii is becoming a swing state in the 2004 election to focus attention on the state's 1960 electoral vote controversy (October 29, 2004) See Following Article.

How Kennedy Carried Hawaii in 1960 After Nixon's Electors Had Been Certified The Winners By The Governor (August 2, 2001) -

The Voters Have Their Own Campaign Strategy: Massive Turnout set to Yield Split Government; The Senate as a Gyroscope; Everyone Distrusts the Media, So The Decision is Being Left to Small States: A Rerun of 2000 (October 26, 2004) -

Analysis: Garden State Up For Grabs as State Committee Stiffs Kerry (October 15, 2004) -

Here's what the 9/11 Commission Report, Authorized Edition, says on page 161 about Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker and pilot of American Airlines Flight 11 that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46:40 a.m. on September 11, 2001:  "To him [Atta], Saddam Hussein was an American stooge set up to give Washington an excuse to intervene in the Middle East." (October 1, 2004)

Bush Campaign Planning To Use War On Terror To Keep Black and Hispanic Voters Away From The Polls (July 10,2004) -

Bush Wins Narrow Victory in New Jersey Primary (June 17, 2004) -

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's Eulogy of Ronald Reagan :  the best of Reagan and one of the greatest eulogies of anyone by anyone ever (delivered June 11, 2004) - Link to Eulogy

Abu Ghraib, Ho Chi Minh and the History of Western Torture of Arabs (June 12, 2004) -

Ronald Reagan Dead at 93.  One of the better Presidents.  Number 13 (out of 43) in average electoral votes per election.  Number 8 in popular vote average.  One of only 7 presidents and 8 Americans to receive electoral votes in more than 2 elections. (June 6, 2004)  Why It Is An Insult to Reagan's memory for George W. Bush to give the eulogy at his funeral : and Reagan's Farewell Address which includes his warning about the danger of Americans being ignorant of their own history (June 11, 2004) -

Bad News from the Badlands :  Democrats Gain One House Seat In South Dakota On Declining Support (June 2, 2004) -

2004 Electors: State By State (May 23, 2004) -

2002 Nevada Ballot Issues Identify The 6% Swing Voters Who Will Decide the November 2, 2004 Presidential Election, Which Will Be Very Close (May 16, 2004) -

Pennsylvania Primary Latest Results (April 28, 2004) -

The 2002 Election Analysis based on Complete, Official Returns.  Over 80 million ballots cast, 36 Governor's races, 144 other statewide offices, 34 United States Senate races, 436 Contests for the House of Representatives, 6,220 State Legislature races, 204 Ballot Questions and state by state 1998 to 2002 comparisons of all offices. Read all about it. (April 26, 2004) -

Essential Reading: From Chivalry To Terrorism: War and the Changing Nature of Masculinity, By Leo Braudy In this new book, Braudy shows how the needs and technology of waging war throughout history have been the prime determinants of social conventions, specifically honor and masculinity.  It is an indispensable book for anyone interested in understanding the current state of political conflict in the United States today.  Near the end, Braudy quotes from an interview with Osama Bin Laden where he explains that even worse than having Saudi Arabia defended by western soldiers, is the fact that some of those soldier/defenders are women.  This is an impossible insult to Saudi men in general and Moslem men in particular.(April 1, 2004) (Not an April Fools Joke.)

Link to more commentary and Review of  From Chivalry to Terrorism


Illinois Primary Results (March 18, 2004) -

Kerry Gives Bush A Run For His Money In Texas, plus the Louisiana and Florida results (March 10, 2004) -

Super Tuesday Results (March 3, 2004)  Bush and Dean Win First Primary (March 4, 2004) -

Hawaii, Idaho and Utah Results, February 24, 2004 -

A Million Wisconsin Voters Keep Options Open: Doom Dean Campaign With Fourth Place Finish (February 18,  2004) -

Kerry Wins in Virginia and the Volunteer State, Bush Runs Third in Tennessee (February 11,2004) -

February 3, 2004 Primary Results -

The 2004 New Hampshire Primary – A landslide for first born white males who attended elite private prep schools, attended Yale University, reject public financing and have graduate degrees.  Bush gets less than 80% in uncontested Republican Primary.  Complete official final Returns (February 2, 2004) -

The 2000 New Hampshire Primary -

Iowa Passes the Buck and Re-writes the Rules of Engagement (January 21, 2004) -

The Center Cannot Hold: Why the United States is Losing in Iraq (January 11, 2004) -

The 2003 Elections - Bad News for Incumbents (December 5, 2003) -

Schwarzenegger Will Be 8% Better Than Davis and Schwartzman Runs 8th in California Recall Election (October 9, 2003) -

Link to latest California Recall Election Results -

    Winning With Wesley: Clark, the Wendell Willkie of the 2004 Campaign (September 25, 2003) -

Proof of Fraud in 2000 Florida Election - This will take a few minutes to load, but it is worth the wait.


The California Gubernatorial Recall Election - Another United States Supreme Court Generated Disaster in Democracy (August 8, 2003)

Summer Reading Spectacular - MADE IN TEXAS, George W. Bush and the Southern Takeover of American Politics, by Michael Lind. Lind, a fifth generation Texan, explores the historical, social, political, economic and religious roots of George W. Bush's philosophy and logic.  Published in February, it is written as if the Iraq War had already happened. ***** 


How Israel Acquired the West Bank and Jerusalem and Why the United States is Following It into Perpetual Warfare and Economic Collapse (March 16, 2003) -

Iraq's Next Dictator, Donald Henry Rumsfeld (February 13, 2003) -

Heredity Power Set to Bring Democracy to Iraq  (January 31, 2003) -

Democrats Offer Weakening Field of Candidates (January 14, 2003)  -

Bush's selection as president is the cause of the current economic decline. (January 26, 2001) -

When Will It Be Safe To Go Back Into The Markets? (March 20, 2001) -

The Two Party Monopoly Is The Reason Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, U.S. Senator Bob Smith and former Vice-President Al Gore All Had To Go (December 21, 2002) -

Louisiana Runoff Keeps Democrat Mary Landrieu in the Senate and adds one Democrat to the House (December 8, 2002) -

Like Hitler, Bush Came to Power Legally, but not Democratically - And Just as Hitler Invaded Poland, Bush Wants to Invade Iraq (October 23, 2002 and November 25, 2000) -

Why Bush Wants To Get Rid of Saddam Hussein, The Attack On the French Tanker Limburg Off Yemen, and the Supreme Court's Refusal to Intervene in the New Jersey Senate Race Fiasco (October 8, 2002) -

Attack on Iraq Will Cause Another Great Economic Depression (September 20, 2002) -

Republicans Set To Lose Congress (September 12, 2002) -

National Press Club Remarks, Questions and Answers by Hasan Abdel Rahman, Chief U.S. Representative of the Palestinian National Authority, May 9, 2002 (June 7,2002) -

Political Suicide - Voting by Other Means - (May 23, 2002)

Running for Public Office, The Best Education Money

Can't Buy - (May 7, 2002)

George W. Bush, Pim Fortuyn, Pervez Musharaff,
Jacques Chirac, Robert Mugabe and the Importance
of Fair and Honest Democratic Elections (May 7,2002)-
Jean-Marie LE PEN's concession speech 
The Complete Analysis of the Official 2000 
Election Results - Gore Won The Election 
By 538,948 votes: Bush Won the Count By 300.  
Over 107 million voters, more than 22,000 candidates for president, 
34 Senate seats (1 unopposed);435 House seats (14% unopposed),
11 Governor's races, over 1,000State Senate races (37% unopposed), 
more than 5,000 state representative races (40% unopposed), 
213 ballot issues and much,more. Read All About It (March 19, 2001)

The Haganah, Al-Queda, Ariel Sharon and the 1956 Suez War - (December 4, 2001)

The FBI Ignored Report of Suspicious Behavior By September 11 Hijackers - (December 2, 2001) Click on World Trade Center Sculpture to read article.

The Nine Political Errors That Contributed To The World Trade Center and Pentagon Attack - (October 18, 2001) Click on Photo of Secretary in Secretary of the Port Authority's Office in World Trade Center to read article

History: The World Trade Center - Disaster By Design September 20, 2001) -Click on photo of World Trade Center elevator bank to read article.

Bulletin: Why was September 11th chosen for the World Trade Center Bombing? (September 14, 2001) -


A Psephological Cause of World War II - Women Did Not Get The Right To Vote In France Until 1949(June 11, 2001) -

May 15, 2001 is the date of the Special Election to Fill the Vacancy in Pennsylvania's 9th U. S. House District. Link to Election Results Link

Arizona Democrats Failed to Field a Candidate for U. S. Senate (April 20, 2001) -

Republicans fall 10% in Pennsylvania Special Senate Elections (March 21, 2001) -

April 10 is the filing deadline for the June 5th Special Election to Fill the Vacancy in California's 32nd U. S. House District.

Gore's margin is 539,897. Final result (Dec. 21)-


Undervote Shows Ashcroft Will Not Be Confirmed As Attorney General (January 11, 2001) -

Two Significant Errors Found in New Jersey's Certified Election Results (December 31, 2000) -

The Supreme Court's Decision in Bush v. Gore -

How The Supreme Court Stole The Election For Bush (December 14, 2000) -

How the 2000 Presidential Election is like the Vietnam War (December 12, 2000) -

A Developing World View: From Zimbabwe (December 10, 2000)-

The Final Results - Bush and Gore: Two Losers Race For The Bottom (December 10, 2000) -

IT'S A TIE, Florida voting systems determined the winner - (December 4, 2000)

From the Historical Perspective - You Decide Who Won -

Pulitzer Prize Goes to Miami Herald for Helping Loser Win Miami Mayor Election (April 14, 1999)

Special: The Probability of Close Elections - By Sanjeev Kulkarni, Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (November 17, 2000) -

Closest Election Since 1884. Update on the Other Close Races: Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Oregon (November 16, 2000) -

Bulletin: "No... person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States shall be appointed an elector." U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1. (November 13, 2000)

The Electoral College is Allowed to Choose the Candidate Who Got the Most Popular Votes (November 10, 2000 - Marine Corps birthday) -

Gore Carried Florida In Fact (November 9, 2000) -Cliffhanger Vote Yields Split Decision (November 8, 2000)-

Bulletin: The Purpose of the Electoral College is to Keep the Choice of the President in the Hands of the STATES. It is one of the checks and balances of the Constitution. (November 7, 2000)

American Voters Pull Together To Make Tough Choices -Small States' Power Hangs In The Balance - ( November 5, 2000)

The Bush Family In Maine - Proof That Every Vote Counts - (November 3, 2000)

Bush is Copying Nixon's 1968 Foreign Policy Play Book (October 22, 2000) -

Just Because Ralph Nader Was Unfairly Excluded From The
Presidential Debates, Does Not Mean That He Is A Moral
Candidate (October 31, 2000) - 

The Commission on Campaign Debates is Directly Responsible for the Deaths of the American Sailors in Aden (October 13, 2000) -

How Accurate Were the Polls In 1960? (October 10, 2000) - 

Palestinians are Dying to Make Jerusalem An Issue in the U.S. Presidential Election (October 4, 2000) -

Oil - The Real Issue of the 2000 Presidential Election (September 19, 2000) -

Year 2000 List of State's Electoral Votes


Harlan Fiske Stone and Lee Harvey Oswald - The Warren Commission Was A Fraud (August 30, 2000) -

Gore and Lieberman: The Democrats Drop the First Amendment (August 21, 2000) -

Bush - Cheney: The Republicans Drop Lincoln and Nixon (August 5, 2000) -

Link to Comparison of 1992 and 1996 Presidential Election results - State by State

A Digression into Economics - Is The Problem Irrational Exuberance or Obsolete Economic Analysis? (May 18, 2000)

Romsey Bi-election - Bad News for Haig, Blair, Bush and Gore (May 7, 2000) -

Livingstone Wins London Mayor -Latest UK Local Results

Jorge Haider, Elian Gonzalez and the Euro's Fall (May 6, 2000) -

Extra - Leinsdorf Elected To School Board (April 27, 2000) -

Mayor Ken Livingstone and the Coming Labour Split (March 27, 2000)

The Decline of the Euro is Directly Related to Austrian Sanctions  ( March 9, 2000) -

Special: How Accurate Are Polls? (March 5, 2000)


Latest Primary and Caucus Results (March 8, 2000)

How To Steal A Democratic Election (June 17, 2002) (17 pages)

Adlai Stevenson's Horrible Secret (February 9, 2000) -

The Millennium Book Award goes to HUMANITY - A Moral History of the Twentieth Century By Jonathan Glover (January 16, 2000) 

The Y2K Presidential Election Prediction - A Landslide Vote for Primogeniture on Historically Low Turnout (December 13, 1999) -

Latest November 2, 1999 Election Results

Official 1996 New Hampshire Presidential Primary Results

Final 1998 U. S. General Election Results - Analysis and Data - Turnout down 7%. Unopposed candidates: 21% in U. S. House races, 35% in State Senate races, 42% in State Representative races, 222 Ballot Questions. - Read All About It! (June 18, 1999(

The Case for Keeping the Electoral College (November 12, 2000) -

There Are No Reformers, Only Insurgents - Brady's First Law of Politics (September 22, 1999) -

Leinsdorf's First Law of Election Results: War Is A Losing Political Issue   (October 6, 1999) -

Perot Did Not Cost Bush the 1992 Presidential Election (September 23, 1999) -

Vietnam was Not the first war the U.S. ever lost - it was the War of 1812 (September 27, 1999) -

The Lodge Family :  How John Kennedy Came to the Senate, And Why He Had To Be Removed From Office (September 27, 1999)

Al Smith Did Not Lose the 1928 Presidential Election Because He Was A Roman Catholic (September 24, 1999) -

The Murdering Mind - Observations on the Colorado Massacre (April 23, 1999) -

Iraq Quick Quiz - (April 23, 1999)

The Proof that Kennedy Won the 1960 Election Honestly (April 6, 1999) -

Congress's Record in Choosing Presidents (October 1, 1999) -

The Genius of the Voters - EVERY VOTE COUNTS: The incumbent Republican loses in New Jersey's 12th Congressional district. (November 11, 1999- Armistice Day)

1998 Election Bulletin From Florida (January 4, 1999) -

Why Webster Hubbell has been indicted again, and why Ken Starr made $1 million a year in private practice while serving as Whitewater Special Counsel (November 16, 1998) -

Why the Whitewater Investigation went Nowhere (April 23, 1999) -

Quebec Will Always Remain in Canada (October 29, 2001) -

Special to the Institute of Election Analysis: "The Idea of State In Yugoslavia", from the Foreign Constitutional Review (French), published in 1958. 25 pages. This article will show you that the Yugoslav legal tradition does not consider states to be benign, neutral instruments. (April 19, 1999) -

What is the Institute of Election Analysis? The Institute is devoted to the scientific analysis of election results, as opposed to polling results. The difference between ballots cast by voters and opinions given to pollsters is that ballots are cast in secret and only by the people who really make the political decisions, the actual voters.

Since 1981, Joshua Leinsdorf has been doing systematic analyses of election results. As a result of his research, he has discovered that many elections are, in fact, rigged by the professional politicians. By just understanding a few simple rules of election analysis, voters can interpret election results for themselves and have a better understanding of both politics and governmental policy.

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