Why the Whitewater Investigation Went Nowhere

Why did the Whitewater Investigation result in jailing just a few of President Clinton's old friends? Because if that investigation was followed to its logical conclusion it would discredit, not only President Clinton, but the Republicans as well. Whitewater leads directly to the Iran-Contra money laundering operation.

When Oliver North was secretly selling TOW missiles Iran at inflated prices back in 1986, the profit was used to buy arms for the Nicaraguan Contra rebels. This resupply operation was run out of a secret airfield near Mena, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at that time. He allegedly knew about, and protected this secret operation.

After flying the supplies down to the Contra rebels, the planes returned with dufflebags full of cash which were airdropped onto farms in Arkansas. Whitewater was possibly one of the development projects through which this cash was laundered.

Most of this information comes from a very informative 600+ page book called COMPROMISED Clinton, Bush and the CIA, by Terry Reed and John Cummings. Terry Reed was a gung-ho superpatriot type who got involved in the operation and is trying to blow the whistle. The problem is that he's trying to blow the whistle on the Republicans, Democrats and the CIA.

As a result, Reed was indicted for gun running. Indictments and law suits are being used for political purposes. The irony is, that by going after Clinton on sex charge and perjury allegations, Whitewater Special Prosecutor Ken Starr is actually covering up the collusion between Clinton, Bush, and the CIA. Starr is protecting the Two Party fix in American politics and government. If he followed Whitewater to its logical conclusion, both the Republicans and Democrats would be fatally damaged.

For more on this see my essay on the United States - Iraq War.

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