Michael Vick Prosecution Part of Iraq War Propaganda

   Thanks to the U.S. Attorney firing scandal, everyone can now rest assured that prosecutors pay attention to the political implications of their cases.  Gone are the days when law enforcement was "above politics."  Prosecutor is now seen as a lucrative political plum as a stepping stone to higher (often elective) office.  Witness the Duke rape prosecution.  The Governor who censured the county prosecutor was himself a former prosecutor.

   So, why would a U.S. Attorney go to all the trouble to prosecute Michael Vick for illegal dog fighting and cruelty to animals.  First, because he is a successful black man; and bringing down successful black men is endemic in the American political system and plays well to the Republican base in the South. It certainly won't help Barack Obama's campaign.

   Second, because it creates the illusion that America cares about animals, even pit bulls.  This is an administration that won't permit the photographing of returning dead soldiers' coffins.  The country barely cares about its own war dead, and certainly doesn't give a damn about the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed and the millions of Iraqis who have become refugees in the wake of their "liberation" by the United States. But Michael Vick's prosecution is designed to show that the nation and this administration cares about cruelty to animals while simultaneously permanently maiming innocent people in Guantanamo and prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Well, Hitler liked dogs, too.

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