Just Because Ralph Nader Was Unfairly Excluded From The Presidential Debates Does Not Make Him A Moral Candidate

Like the right wing Republican mullah/lawyers, Ralph Nader would have voted to impeach President Clinton had he served in the House of Representatives, and voted to remove him from office if he had been in the Senate. Voters choices are limited enough (as the debates prove) without having them subject to ex post facto vetos by self-appointed moralist lawyers.

As the consumer advocate author of UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED in the 1960's, Nader did more to destroy the indigenous, fuel efficient, small car industry than any other single individual. No wonder he has been generously covered in the corporate media for almost four decades.

Nader strove to make air bags mandatory in all cars. Air bags, in addition to being designed to protect heavy men who are either too stupid or too lazy to use seat belts, are a terror weapon against small women and children. Whe ever heard of a safety device that can decapitate infants in a 15 mile per hour fender bender in a parking lot? Putting infant children in the front seat of a car by mistake ought not to be a capital crime, especially for someone who says he is opposed to the death penalty.

But what does Ralph Nader care? He has never been married and has no children.

If Nader was the honest, anti-corporate leader he claims to be, he would now be using his popularity to mount a direct action, civic boycott against: Anheuser-Busch, U.S. Airways, 3 om, AT & T, and the other corporate sponsors of the debates from which he was excluded.

Anyone who thinks there is no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush is neither a woman nor the parent of a child in public school.

Nader is not even on the ballot in Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana, North Carolina, Idaho, South Dakota and Wyoming. Why has the corporate media failed to mention this fact? These seven states have 57 combined electoral votes. That means Nader needs to win almost 56% of the electoral votes of those states where he is on the ballot to be elected. How can he do that with less than 5% in the polls?

No, Nader can not win. Some one who can not get on the ballot in all 50 states certainly can not govern all 50 states.

Nader wants to win as much as Bush and Gore. His low standing in the polls is a reflection of his record, incompetence and inexperience.

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