Like Hitler, Bush Is Came To Power Legally, Not Democratically

And Bush's Attack on Iraq is like Hitler's Attack on Poland

    Whenever anyone raised objections to Hitler's legitimacy, he always answered that he came to power legally. Hitler and the Nazis never won an election.  Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Hindenberg under emergency powers, much the same as the unique intervention of the Supreme Court resulted in Bush's selection as president.  Legal is not the same as democratic.

    Bush lost Florida in the minds of the voters. But because of the confusing ballot in Palm Beach County, about 12,000 Gore voters were disenfranchised. This can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Remember, Gore won by over 500,000 votes nationally. This is a bigger margin than Kennedy's.

    The Gore campaign, having won the election, sought a careful recount of the Florida votes to see if there were enough Gore votes to overcome Bush's slim lead.

    The Bush campaign stopped the recount. First in the courts. It claimed the votes had been counted and recounted. Does that really make sense in a year when the votes were still being counted in New Mexico, with 600,000 voters; in Oregon with 1.5 million voters; or in Washington, where the vote count was not finished until just before Thanksgiving and there was a recount after?   How could the 6 million votes in Florida have been accurately counted in less time than the 600,000 votes in New Mexico?  The truth is that many of the Florida votes were only counted once, and as the 2002 Florida primary showed, not counting votes has become a tradition in that state.

    And Gore's margin in New Mexico is proportionately 5 times bigger than the one Bush was defending in Florida. New Mexico started out on election night with a 10,000 margin for Gore. It dwindled to nothing and then Bush pulled into the lead. Did the Gore campaign cry foul, or try to stop the count? In the end, Gore managed to eek out a thin victory.

    And then, when the Florida recount was underway, the Bush campaign organized mobs of thugs (staffers from Republican Congressmen in Washington) to shout, threaten and harass the recount workers in Miami-Dade. As a result, the recount in Miami-Dade was called off. This is gangsterism, not democracy. This is what Hitler did with his brown shirts and SS.  But this is also not surprising when the Miami Mayor, Joe Corollo, was elected by the courts after the run-off election and all the absentee ballots in the original election were thrown out. Corollo then defied the Federal government during the Eliàn Gonzalez controversy. much to the approval of George Bush and his supporters.

    Even George W. Bush did not claim to have won the election. When he appeared before the cameras and talked about the recount in Florida before the Supreme Court had ruled, all he said was that, "We will PREVAIL." Prevail is not the same as winning a democratic election.

    The problem is that Bush and many of his supporters do not believe in democracy. They believe in, as the candidate said, "Faith, family and America is the greatest country on the face of the earth." Like all missionaries throughout history, they are trying to impose their ideas on other people, through force if necessary. They have no doubt they are right and that the plurality which elected Gore is misguided and needs to be helped to see the light.

    The person who is trying to stole the 2000 election is George W. Bush, not Al Gore. Winners in democratic elections want the votes, all the votes, to be counted. Bush may believe people have a right to vote, but he does not believe that they have a right to have their votes counted, if those votes mean he will lose the election. He wanted all the overseas absentee ballots to be counted, even without post marks, because they are his. But he did not want the civilian ballots to be counted, because they were for Gore.

    Here is what I wrote on November 25, 2000 before Bush was awarded the White House by the Supreme Court. "The United States is on a slippery slope to a military dictatorship. Once Bush is in the White House, the United States will be involved in so many military actions, abroad and perhaps even at home, that in four years it will be impossible to get rid of him. Once Hitler was in power, there were no more elections in Germany until after their defeat in World War II. Do not assume that someone who tries to stop the counting of votes is committed to democracy."

    Bush's invasion of Iraq will precipitate a cycle of violence that will last for years, if not decades.  It will not be the liberation of Iraq from a dictator, but the re-imposition of colonialism, followed by years of revolution and warfare as the Arab nations of the Middle East seek to expel the foreign invader.  Like Hitler's invasion of a backward, weaker Poland on a pretext, Bush's invasion of Iraq will be a slaughter, not a war.  But it will change the nature of the United States government for the foreseeable future by committing the nation to an endless war to preserve its empire.  The war is being pursued for the same reasons that Hitler invaded Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia; for economic hegemony.  Just as Hitler claimed to be protecting the Sudeten Germans with his invasion of Czechoslovakia, Bush claims to be protecting the Israelis.

    The truth is that both Bush and Saddam Hussein are dictators and the world would be a much better place without either of them in power in their own countries.
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