The Institute of Election Analysis is dedicated to making sure that your vote and every vote is counted, not just physically, but in the debate on issues, too.

There are millions to be made by lying to the electorate, by spinning the results for partisan benefit, but little money available to do honest research and analysis of the election results.

The Institute of Election Analysis is seeking funds from the public to continue its work of analyzing election results from a non-partisan perspective.  Your help is urgently needed.

If you are a media person who has used information from the site without attribution, a student who has used the material on this site to write a paper or do a project, a person with a relative in the armed forces or just a patriotic individual, your help is needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Please send $5, $10, $25, $50 or even $100; whatever you can afford.  There is so much to be done that contributions of time are also welcome.  Call  (609) 688-9320  if you would like to help analyze election results.

Please send your contribution to:

Institute of Election Analysis

35 Forester Drive

Princeton, New Jersey 08540-5328

Thank you for your help.

Josh Leinsdorf

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