HUMANITY - A Moral History of the Twentieth Century

By Jonathan Glover

Winner of the 1999 Institute of Election Analysis Millennium Book Award

Jonathan Glover is a philosopher who has written one of the most important books of the millennium.

Starting from the premise that the 20th century has been a violent period, full of mass atrocities, Glover thinks there are lessons for ethics in these man-made disasters.

HUMANITY is an attempt to give ethics an empirical dimension. It uses ethics to pose questions to history and it uses history to give a picture of the parts of human potentiality which are relevant to ethics.

Basically, this is a book about why and how people kill, and about why and how the few people who do refuse, refuse to kill.

It is a great and indispensable book for anyone interested in reducing the chance of war and solving the problems of violence in the world. HUMANITY suggests the approaches necessary to make the 21st century a far less violent period than the past century has been.

This book is not yet available in the United States, and must be ordered from bookstores in the United Kingdom.

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