Bush's Selection As President Is The Cause of the Falling Stock Markets and Consumer Confidence

The falling markets and declining economy were predictable consequences of the selection of Bush as president. The markets have been falling since October when the possibility of a Bush victory started looking probable.

The voters elected Gore. The logic of their selection was perfect. The economy was booming. Do not change anything. If Gore had been selected, as the voters intended, everyone would have still been around. Bush would have been Governor of Texas and the presumptive nominee in 2004, Gore would have been president, Hillary would have been in the Senate. It was a slight mid-course correction.

The reason the Supreme Court selected Bush was to get Clinton. Ever since the Supreme court allowed the Paula Jones case to proceed against Clinton while he was still in office, and after the circuit court threw out the special prosecutor appointed by the justice department and substituted Ken Starr, a political partisan; the courts and prosecutors have been desperate to convict Clinton of something, anything.

Every time the voters said, "No," the Republicans have ignored them and turned to impeachment and the courts to push their undemocratic agenda.

This is really the culmination of a trend that started when the Supreme Court denied President Nixon the right to keep his personal papers (and audio tapes) private during the Watergate affair. The Courts and Congress have been trying to get control of the Presidency and diminish the power of the electorate.

As in all totalitarian countries, people denied the vote, or when faced with rigged results, resort to other means to express their real political opinions. The American consumer is voting with her feet. The failure of the political system to choose the candidate who won the most votes and who was the choice of the voters, even in Florida, has undermined people's confidence in the system and in the leadership of the country.

People do not take chances when their clearly expressed desires are thwarted by a small group of people who think they know what is best for everyone.

The current economic turmoil is being caused by Bush's selection as president. The voters are being forced to express themselves through with their wallets because the Supreme Court ruled that statutory deadlines and confusing ballot layout were more important than counting the valid votes of real people.

The irony of this is that the people who claim to support the "right to life" then condone the denying of that life the right to have its ballot counted. What kind of a life is that? A life of slavery.

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