Arizona Democrats Failed to Field U.S. Senate Candidate

The United States Senate is split 50-50 between the Republicans and Democrats. This is an amazing result, especially considering that the Democrats in the state of Arizona did not run a candidate for Senate against Jon Kyl.

Arizona is the home state of Senator John McCain, son of Admiral John McCain, and the Republican primary challenger to George Bush in the 2000 elections. McCain also wrote a book called, "Faith of our Fathers." Seemingly, the faith of our fathers is one party rule.

It is true that it would have been difficult to defeat the popular Jon Kyl. Did the Democrats decline to field a candidate because he "could not win?" Gore lost Arizona by less than 100,000 votes on a 72% voter turnout. The Arizona State Senate tied 15 - 15 between the Republicans and Democrats in the 2000 General Election. Thirteen, or almost half of the State Senators ran without major party opposition. Nine Democrats ran without Republican opponents, and 4 Republicans ran without Democratic opponents.

Among State Representatives, although Republicans dominated 36 - 24, fully half of the winners ran without a major party opponent. So John McCain is a phoney just like Bush and Gore. He promotes "campaign finance reform" when his own state is on the verge of become a one party state. Contested elections, where voters have a say, are more important than campaign finance reform.

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