Leinsdorf Elected To Princeton Regional School Board

Extra Funds approved with 76.9% voting Yes

Joshua Leinsdorf, the Chief Psephologist of the Institute of Election Analysis was elected to the Princeton, New Jersey Regional School Board on Tuesday, April 18th, 2000.

More significant was the fact the Josh was instrumental in mounting a campaign to win voter approval for a 15% school tax rate increase. The school election took place on Tuesday, April 18, the day after the filing deadline for Federal and State Income Tax payments.

Coincidentally, the election took place during the Princeton Regional School's spring break, when many parents and children are away. This required mounting a major absentee ballot drive.

Three-hundred fifty-five (355) of the 2,183 votes cast in the election, or 16%, were cast by absentee ballots. The proposal to spend an additional $5 million on school maintenance, equipment and staff passed 1,586 Yes (76.9%) to 424 No (23.1%). A landslide.

In celebration of this event, the Institute of Election Analysis is offering free campaign advice to the first three ballot qualified candidates who request it.

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