Prime Minister John Howard Becomes the Second Australian Prime Minister in 106 Years to Lose His Seat in Parliament on the Heels of a Crushing Defeat by Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party


            Running on a platform of pulling Australian combat troops out of Iraq, Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party dealt a convincing defeat to Prime Minister John Howard’s Liberal Party and, by extension, to United States President George Bush. 

            With Labor getting 5,202,433 votes (53.41%) to the Liberal/National Coalition’s 4,537,511 (46.59%) Labor looks set to win at least 83 seats in the 150 seat Parliament, with 9 seats yet to be determined.

            In John Howard’s New South Wales Bennelong constituency, Mixine McKew received 37,101 votes (51.84%) to the Prime Minister’s   34,472 (48.16%) after redistribution of the votes.  Among first choice ballots, McKew received 32,852 (45.90%) to Howard’s 32,283 (45.10%). 

            Australians vote by preferential ballot, with first choice losers votes redistributed to their second, and subsequent choices until all candidates except the top two have been eliminated.  So, McKew won 4,249 of the redistributed votes to Howard’s 2,189; almost two to one.

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