The Arab Center

††††††††††† Marwan Muasher was the first Jordanian Ambassador to Israel.He has been involved in the Middle East Peace process since 1993, holding numerous positions in the Jordanian government.

††††††††††† This book explains in detail why the two state solution is the only solution compatible with the survival of Israel as a Jewish state.This book is an excellent history from the inside of the Arab-Israeli conflict of the past sixty years.

††††††††††† Muasher makes the telling point that Germany, that was responsible under the Nazis for launching a world war that killed tens of millions of people and committed genocide on a massive scale, was occupied for 44 years.The Palestinians, on the other hand, whose crimes are modest by any measure, have been occupied for 41 years and counting.There is a serious lack of proportionality.However, if the occupation continues, inevitably the crimes justifying it may rise to the occasion in the form of nuclear armed Arab states.

††††††††††† The book provides hope for optimism that a Middle East peace is not only necessary, but close at hand and viable.Peace in the Middle East may be the only way of reversing the world wide economic collapse that is currently in progress.So, all things being equal, the collapse of the United Statesís financial system is a plus for peace.

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