Israeli Accusations of Anti-Semitism are Admissions of Guilt


          When Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom called for an investigation of whether Israel is carrying out extra-judicial killings of Palestinian attackers, Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Minister of national infrastructure, energy and water accused her of being “anti-Semitic.”  Other officials called the allegations “scandalous” and “detached from reality,” but no one denied that extra-judicial killings were taking place. Attacks on and insults directed toward accusers is not the same as denying the charges.


            Let’s start with the fact that Baruch Goldstein, an American-born (raised and educated in Brooklyn) doctor, entered a Mosque in Hebron, opened fire killing 29 Palestinian worshippers and wounding another 125 before being beaten to death.  Before the massacre, Goldstein had refused to treat Arabs, even Arab members of the Israel Defense Forces, claiming it was a against his Jewish faith. He was not arrested or removed from his position for bias. In the rioting that followed Goldstein’s attack, Israel Defense Forces killed another 25 Palestinians although 5 Israelis also died.  Seeing as American tax dollars subsidized Goldstein’s medical education, that he then took and used in clear violation of his Hippocratic Oath, but nothing was done before he deliberately massacred Moslems. 


            Although Israel tried to call Palestinian attacks “acts of terror,” others see them as valid attempts to liberate the land that the vast majority of countries in the United Nations consider illegally occupied territory.


            Israel was created by the United Nations primarily in response to American pressure generated by President Harry Truman’s re-election needs.


The Haganah troops that won the war for Independence were trained and financed in secret in the Maine woods.  Jewish troops had also been organized and trained to fight on the allied side in World War II. Israelis, educated white people who had combat experience, easily overmatched Arabs who were basically illiterate and ill-equipped.


            France then supplied Israel with its arms and atomic energy progam.  The Israeli Air Force that won the Six Day War in 1967 was trained in France by the French and Americans.  Lyndon Johnson, while posturing as an impartial arbiter in the month before the war, secretly supplied Israel with 200 tanks to ensure a swift and complete victory.


            Then, once in possession of the West Bank, Israel has the gall to claim it was given to them by God and that the Palestinians have no right to be there.  Israel is a racist country.  When Palestinians call for the destruction of the Zionist Entity they are calling for the end of the Jewish State of Israel, not the killing of Jews.  Neither the Balfour Declaration nor the United Nations Resolution recognizing the State of Israel called for a Jewish State of Israel.  The Jewish fundamentalist state of Israel is a major reason for the rise of Moslem fundamentalism.


            The Israelis are always engaged in mission creep.  The land they were given by the United Nations was not enough.  Israel sought lebensraum after every war.  Israel’s response has always been to take more of whatever it wanted.  This is especially true in religion, where Israel has hijacked the Jewish Faith and defined it as Zionism.


            Netanyahu accuses the United States of having made a strategic error by negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program.  The strategic error was made by Israel, when it switched its domestic American political base from the Jews to the fundamentalist Christians.  Further, the Israeli alignment with the war-mongering Republicans and the clear insult to Obama by accepting the Republican invitation to address Congress without informing the White House was a mistake of historic proportions.


            The fact is that, whether or not Israel is a racist country, neither Netanyahu nor Ambassador Ron Dermer, both of whom spent considerable time growing up in the United States, have any black friends from their youth. (And Ron’s dad was mayor of Miami.)


            Extra-judicial killing has been part and parcel of Israeli security policy since the time it decided that the land of Israel was given to Jews by God.  Israel is not a democratic state.


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