The ISIS Attack in Paris and the New Jersey Assembly Elections


††††††††††† Democratic elections are the best way for societies to peaceably resolve disputes. Corrupt elections or biased administration leads to violence.


††††††††††† The ISIS attack in Paris is a perfect illustration of corrupt elections and hypocritical attitudes leading to violence.France, a racist country, is biased against the Arabs in favor of Israel.


††††††††††† Not counting the decade long dirty war in Algeria in the 1950ís, which killed between half a million and a million and a half Algerians, depending on who is asked, the French government with American support, encouraged the Algerian military to cancel the Algerian elections in 1992 when it became clear that the Islamic Salvation Front was going to emerge victorious.This led to another civil war in which an estimated 200,000 people lost their lives.


††††††††††† Not surprisingly, at least one of the native born suicide bombers in the Paris attacks has Algerian roots.


Freedom of Speech in France


††††††††††† France has a law called the Gayssot Act that makes it an offense to question the existence or size of crimes against humanity. On September 13, 1987 right-wing politician Jean Marie Le Pen said, ďI ask myself several questions.Iím not saying the gas chambers didnít exist.I havenít seen them myself.I havenít particularly studied the question. But I believe itís just a detail in the history of World War II.Ē Le Pen was prosecuted and forced to pay a $200,000 fine.


††††††††††† Le Pen was also stripped of his immunity as a member of the European Parliament so he could be prosecuted in Germany for saying, ďIf you take a 1,000 page book on World War II, the concentration camps take up only two pages and the gas chambers ten to fifteen lines. This is what one calls a detail.Ē This was considered to be ďminimizing the HolocaustĒ for which he was convicted and fined.


††††††††††† Now, letís compare France and Germanyís exquisite sensitivity to Jewish and Israeli sensibilities to its total disregard of Muslim feelings when Charlie Hebdo ran a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on its front page. No wonder the Muslims in France are furious.


††††††††††† Furthermore, France gave Israel its nuclear capability to become a nuclear power and then wanted to drive an excessively hard bargain over Iranís nuclear program.Then, France participated in the bombing of Syria.Maybe the Moslems are sick and tired of being killed by western arms and are looking for the west to live up to its professed ideals.Maybe the motivation for the terrorists has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Israel.


The 2002 French Presidential Election


††††††††††† France has a run-off system for choosing its President. In 2002, Jean Marie Le Pen, the perennial right wing candidate, faced President Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and thirteen other candidates in the first round of voting.It was widely expected that Le Pen would receive a large protest vote, but that the runoff would pit the centrist Chirac against the Socialist Jospin. The Chirac and Jospin camps were negotiating the ground rules for a debate to follow the first round.


††††††††††† However, because of fragmentation on the left, Le Pen squeaked past Jospin to get into the runoff. In the first round, Chirac got 5,665,855 votes (20%) to Le Penís 4,804,713 (16.8%) to Jospinís 4,610,113 (16.2%).Suddenly, Chirac refused to debate Le Pen and a demonstration of a million people took to the streets in Paris to protest Le Penís candidacy and to support Chiracís refusal to debate. Mob rule in action. Chirac won the runoff with more than 82% of the vote, but does that mean that the opinions of 17% do not have to be heard or considered?France is not really a democracy.


††††††††††† Terrorism is not new to France.In the early 1960ís, right-wing groups of military dissidents opposed to Algerian independence set bombs on trains and near government buildings. Of course, this does not include the 1961 massacre by the Paris police of Algerians who were engaged in an illegal but peaceful demonstration for independence.After 37 years, the police admitted to the deaths of 40 demonstrators, although some independent estimates put the toll at over 200. After beating them unconscious, victims were thrown over the bridge into the Seine River where they drowned.


††††††††††† In the 1970ís, the conflict in the Middle East spilled over onto the streets of Paris.So, terrorism in France is nothing new.


The 2015 New Jersey Assembly Race


††††††††††† New Jersey is really no more democratic than France. Last week, the turnout was less than 25%.The newspapers ran a disinformation campaign. Instead of covering the candidates, it covered pollsters.Without any knowledge about the election or the candidates, people did not vote.This was not accidental because in the 13th Assembly District the incumbent Republicans did not even bother to put out campaign signs showing that they had advance knowledge that the newspapers would not cover the race.And one of the incumbent candidates is a college professor of marketing (or in this case, information suppression.)


††††††††††† So, after a hundred years of being partitioned, invaded, bombed, gassed and shot by the west or the westís clients, all in defense of the creation of a fundamentalist Jewish State at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, it should not be surprising that the Muslims in the Middle East are sick and tired of the so-called benefits of Western Civilization. By representing the conflict as one of Islamic Terrorism, American media and the two parties are misrepresenting the reasons for the anger, so of course the ďterroristsĒ appear to be irrational maniacs.


††††††††††† The terrorists want the west to live up to its professed values.Until Israel settles with the Palestinians, this conflict will continue and grow.


††††††††††† The Paris attacks will probably strengthen support for the strongly xenophobic tendencies of the far right National Front in the next French presidential election scheduled for 2017.If Marine Le Pen, the current leader, makes it into the runoff, this time there certainly will be a debate.




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