Why It Is Important to Elect Rush Holt to the United States Senate from New Jersey

            Tuesday, August 13, 2013 is primary day for a special election to fill the vacancy in the United States Senate caused by the death of Frank Lautenberg.  There are six candidates: two Republicans and four Democrats.  Steve Lonegan, the former Mayor of Bogota will certainly be the winner of the Republican primary.  He is a right wing ideologue.

            The four Democrats in the primary are:  12th District Congressman Rush Holt, 6th District Congressman Frank Pallone, Newark Mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver.

            Rush Holt is a teacher and physicist. 

Frank Pallone and Cory Booker are lawyers. 

Frank Pallone and Sheila Oliver have been that New Jersey political animal, the Double Dipper.  Pallone served on the Long Branch City Council and in the New Jersey State Senate simultaneously, a prima facie conflict of interest.  Sheila Oliver served as an elected member of a school board and as a county freeholder at the same time. Frank Pallone has one other distinction; he supported the state constitutional amendment to take the right to fill vacancies in the legislature away from the voters and give an appointed power to the political party committee of the person who held the office.  Why did the voters approve this amendment?  Because the Explanatory Statement on the ballot lied, it said the amendment “requires the county committee to appoint within 30 days,” as if the then current law allowed them to delay, without ever telling the voters they were giving the power to the political committee for the first time.  Pallone and Oliver are just Democratic Party hacks.

  Both Oliver and Booker have cozied up to Governor Chris Christie: Oliver supported Christie’s public pension overhaul, while Booker plays patsy with charter schools and accepted money from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to provide cover just before the release of the movie The Social Network that intimates that Zuckerberg stole the idea from the Winklevoss brothers.  That’s the way it’s done.  When you do something unethical, you make a large charitable donation with the ill-gotten gains as a publicity stunt to deflect people’s attention away from your misdemeanors.  Booker is a willing accomplice, as long as there’s big money and publicity.  It used to be said that the most dangerous place in America was between Jesse Jackson and a camera.  The same can be said about Cory Booker, except in addition that personal advancement is his only fixed policy position.

            Cory Booker, the leader in the race, is more of an entertainer than a governor.  Like Fiorello LaGuardia, he goes to the fires; but on policy matters, he is moderate to conservative playing to the billionaires.

            It is not the defects of Pallone, Booker and Oliver that make the case for Holt.

            There is a large constituency in the United States and elsewhere itching for a war with Iran.  The causus bellum will be Iran’s nuclear program.  There are only two physicists in the United States Congress: George William “Bill” Foster and Rush Holt.  Foster represents an Illinois’ 11th District in the House of Representatives.  We need a physicist in the Senate so that the nation can’t be bounced into a war with Iran on phony intelligence.  Nuclear science is complex and difficult.  Someone who really understands the issue needs to be a member of the Senate, the body charged with providing advice and consent to the President on foreign policy.

            If truth is the first casualty of war, then the way to preserve peace is to have public officials willing to speak and stand-up for the truth whether it is popular or not.  Rush Holt has the strength of character and the knowledge about nuclear science to prevent the country from being tricked into an unnecessary war, like the invasion of Iraq.  Cory Booker, as the past has shown, will support any position that advances his personal career. He is a complete narcissist, still unmarried at the age of forty-four.

            It is also important to remember that Chris Christie called the Special Election to create maximum chaos in the political system, and to depress turnout.  Two-thirds of New Jersey was personally affected by hurricane Sandy.  In February, New Jersey had the coldest week in seven years.  This summer is one of record rains and heat.  Is the state really able to afford the $24 million to make voters traipse to the voting booth and cast ballots four times in five months: Primary election June 4; Special Election primary August 13; Special election October 16; and the regular General Election, November 5, 2013.

            Asking people to vote twice in less than three weeks, once for United States Senate, and next for Governor and the legislature is really an affront.  It shows the contempt of the governor for the time and effort of the people.  TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2013 is an important day in New Jersey. VOTE RUSH HOLT FOR UNITED STATES SENATE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY.  Unaffiliated voters can register and vote as Democrats on primary day.  I know it is distasteful, but do it in the cause of peace.

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