Ratification Demonstrates that the Republicans have become Hostage-Takers Over Obamacare

††††††††††† Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution 1787 Ė 1788 by the late Pauline Maier, the William Rand Kenan, Jr., Professor of American History at MIT, demonstrates that one of the prime reasons for the failure of the Articles of Confederation and their replacement with the Constitution was that the United States was unable to pay its bills.

††††††††††† The central government depended on import duties, but when these were insufficient, it had to ask the states for funds.Many states refused to pay, and so the United States was a deadbeat nation.So, one of the major changes wrought by the Constitution was the power of direct taxation which many veterans of the revolution saw as a return to the tyranny of the crown.

††††††††††† The pro-constitution faction answered that because the government was selected by the people, despotism was impossible.Tellingly, the opponents of Constitution promised to fight against it peaceably if approved, and not take up arms as was happening in the western part of some states with rebellions like Shayís in Massachusetts.

††††††††††† The current Republican attempt to shut down the government and to force the government into default if the Affordable Health Care Act is not repealed is nothing less than holding the country and the world hostage to their partisan political position on a domestic issue. Although the Republicans in the House agree that a government in needed, and also that the United States should pay its bills (after all, arenít the Republicans claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility?) they are willing to do the work of those out to destroy America if the Affordable Health Care Act is not repealed.

††††††††††† Furthermore, it is rank hypocrisy for someone like Eric Cantor to dig in his heels over Obamacare.After he has denied Americans the right to affordable health care and left them at the mercy of private insurers, he can move to Israel, live on land Israel occupies illegally, and participate in Israelís health care plan where participation is mandatory.The Republican members of the house ought to have to relinquish their taxpayer supported health care plans.

††††††††††† Taking a position against the United States paying its debts is really anti-constitutional. The entire global economy is dependent on the reliability of the full faith and credit of the United States.Al-Queda could not wish for better allies than the Republicans who are willing to destroy the world economy if their partisan pique about health care is not assuaged.

††††††††††† If the United States defaults on its debts because the House of Representatives refuses to raise the debt ceiling, the ensuing economic collapse is going to make the recent recession look like prosperity.

††††††††††† To demonstrate the absurdity of the Republican House position, when the Constitution was being debated in 1787 and 1788, Abolishionists were enraged that slaves got to be counted as three-fifths of a person for the census and representative allotment.Abolishionists saw this as rewarding evil people (slaveholders) by increasing their voting power (slaves counted in the population but, of course, were not allowed to vote [basically until 1964 in the South]).

††††††††††† The North, however, swallowed its moral scruples in the interest of unity and union.The Affordable Health Care Act isnít even a moral issue.Yet, the Republicans are proposing a new form of government; that any minority (and the House majority is a minority in the government) ought to be able to get its way if it is willing to shut down the government or threaten the world with financial collapse.Absolutely absurd.

††††††††††† The root problem is that the Republicans have become basically racist and no longer believe in democracy.They supported Bush stealing the election in 2000.Now, the party policy is to prevent or inhibit people from voting by requiring picture IDís, abolishing same day registration and limit early voting hours and locations.This is because the Republican Party has become a religious, not a political organization.Republicans believe they are right, no matter what.And if the electorate is so misguided as to elect people who implement policies with which it disagrees, then the answer is either to change the electorate, shut down the government, or precipitate a global collapse.

††††††††††† The Republican Party is going out of business, the only question is whether it is going to do so with a bang or with a whimper.

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