Stolen Elections are a Threat to National Security: Bush, Netanyahu, McCain Plus the Liberty, Mavi Mamara and Cole.  Israel’s Navy goes Berserk.


            Stolen elections are a threat to national security because when candidates like George W. Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu lose the election, but manage to change the rules to get themselves selected as leader, they have no political skills or legitimacy and bring only two tactics to the conduct of the office they stole: force and fraud.  Their own people do not even support them.


            These attitudes then inform the foreign policy of the state they lead, invariably leading to armed conflict.  The exceptionalist attitude that prompted them to take the office they lost becomes an attitude toward their own nation: the rules that apply to others do not apply to them.


            Consequently, Bush’s war of choice in Iraq ended up strengthening Iran, the exact opposite of the policy he claimed to be pursuing. The case with Israel is even more egregious.  Netanyahu has a habit of shooting from the hip in such a way as to jeopardize Israel’s relations with its friends who have extended themselves the most on Israel’s behalf.  That is why he lost to Tzivi Lippi.


            During Netanyahu’s first term as Prime Minister, he carried out an attempted assassination of Khaled Meshal, the Hamas leader in Jordan.  The Israeli agents were caught and the regime of King Hussein, which had just signed a peace treaty with Israel, was threatened because many thought the king was a secret accomplice in the attempted assassination.  Having strengthened Khaled Meshal, isn’t it logical to replay the assassination card by sending an internationally disguised hit team to Dubai to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.  This time, Israel succeeded in killing its target, but by using false passports of friendly nations has jeopardized its relations with: Britain, Ireland, France, Australia and Germany.  Good work, Bibi.  Now, Israel’s piracy in pursuit of its blockade of Gaza is sacrificing its good relations with Turkey, its most friendly Moslem nation and Egypt.  How stupid can one be?


            The irony of all this is that it was the closing of the Strait of Tiran in 1967 that Israel claimed constituted the aggression that justified its launching of the Six Day War.  Blockade is an act of war.  Israel, which under the laws of war is responsible for administering the lands it conquered, is now blockading it.  Boarding other vessels in international waters is piracy, and killing unarmed passengers at close range on those ships is murder.  Israel’s problem is that its Navy is the step child of Israel’s military services.  All the glory goes to the air forces and the Israel Defense Force.  So, on those few occasions when the Israeli navy is called into action, it goes overboard.


            During the 1967 war, the Israeli Air Force and Navy attacked the U.S. spy ship Liberty, killing 35 sailors and injuring more than 170 others, almost sinking the ship.  Instead of demanding accountability for Israel’s attack on a lightly armed ship in international waters, Admiral John McCain, the father of Arizona Senator and presidential candidate John McCain, allowed the Liberty incident to be swept under the rug.  The reason was to try to reduce the anti-Vietnam war fervor of the Jews in the United States by supporting Israel in its war of aggression.  In fact, more American sailors have died at the hands of the Israeli Navy than Al-Queda’s.  Not only does the United States assist in the cover-up of Israel’s “friendly fire” aggression, but it gives it more money and arms.


            Ironically, one of the surviving sailors from the Liberty attack was on the flotilla heading to Gaza.  The Israeli attack was obviously another botched job because all of the dead were on one ship, the Mavi Mamara; so the other ships were able to be stopped without any loss of life.  Clearly, the commander of the contingent that boarded the Mavi Mamara should go to jail. And if the person responsible turns out to be Netanyahu, then he should go to jail. But when was the last time an Israeli soldier was indicted for killing innocent people who were not Jews?  Mass murderers like Brooklyn born Baruch Goldstein are actually lionized in Israel. 


            But the greatest irony of the whole incident is that during anti-Israeli demonstrations in Los Angeles, a lone Israeli walked by waving an Israeli flag.  Of course, the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were angry, but the Israeli was able to wave his flag, walk back and forth, and leave.  If the situation had been reversed, if an Israeli demonstration protesting the deaths of fifteen Israelis was passed by a lone Palestinian Arab waving the Palestinian flag, he would be killed, if not by the demonstrators then by the police, and the Israelis would trot out their usual excuses about how they were provoked, just as they are trying to justify their piracy on the high seas. 


            When Somalis seize ships they are called pirates and shot to death by the United States Navy.  When the Israelis are pirates and kill fifteen people (there were no deaths by the Somali pirates), the Israeli’s create a new crime “political terrorism” which they claim justifies their behavior.  But, like the United States war in Iraq, the current Middle East crisis stems from the fact that the Israelis voted for peace and Tzivi Lippi in the last election (just as Americans voted for Al Gore in 2000), but the clever lawyers and crooked Supreme Court in the United States and the male dominated political leadership in Israel, gave the election to the loser.


            When the loser is given the office it is not democracy, it is dictatorship; and not surprisingly, the results are catastrophic: two wars and a worldwide economic depression.  And it could get worse.  While fighting religious fundamentalist regimes in Afghanistan and Iran, the United States is supporting the religious fundamentalist regime in Israel.  In the United States as well, the immigration issue and the birther movement have become Trojan horses for abandoning the American tradition of separation of church and state and birthright citizenship.  As the recent death of a Mexican teenager by a United States border guard illustrates, the Mexicans have now become America’s Palestinians, they can be shot on sight and no one cares. 


            The Greek Junta that overthrew the democratic government in 1967, eventually collapsed after the ill-fated attempt of its proxies to militarily regain control of Cyprus.  Instead of the inevitable war with Turkey that would have resulted, democracy was restored to Greece.  Similarly the Generals in Argentina tried to reclaim the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) by force.  This maneuver resulted in the restoration of democracy in Argentina.  And, of course, the big elephant in the China shop, Adolf Hitler, came to power undemocratically and promptly precipitated a global conflagration.


            Another irony is that the USS Cole was bombed by Al-Queda on October 12, 2000.  Seventeen sailors were killed and another 39 wounded.  The Cole was almost sunk.  In the final debate of the 2000 presidential campaign, that took place in St. Louis, Missouri five days later on October 17, Governor Bush said in answer to a question about the Middle East, “We can’t put the Middle East Peace process on our timetable….Saddam Hussein is still a threat in the Middle East.  Our coalition against Saddam is unraveling.  Sanctions are loosened.  The man who may be developing weapons of mass destruction, we don’t know because inspectors aren’t in.”  [This also shows that Bush has a learning disability.  9/11 did nothing to alter his perception of threats to America.] Gore, on the other hand, pointed to his two day suspension of his campaign to participate in the Middle East summit trying to reach a deal. No wonder Bush lost the race.  So, while Bush stole the election from Gore, Gore let him steal it and, in truth, they both stole the election from the American people by excluding the independent candidates and choreographing the issues in the campaign.  The final debate was mostly about health care and what to do with the federal budget surplus.  Five days after 17 American sailors were killed and thirty-nine injured and a destroyer almost sunk, the two major party candidates in debate did nothing but send their condolences to the families of the dead.  No wonder less than eleven months later nineteen suicide hijackers destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon.  Something dramatic was needed to catch the attention of those self-absorbed idiots.


            This is a good example of how the timing of events makes a big difference in politics.  The Governor of Missouri, who was running for the Senate, was killed in an airplane crash on October 16, 2000, the night before the debate, so the deaths on the Cole were overshadowed in the media cycle by the death of the Governor of the state where the debate was happening.  Localitis uber alles.


            The problem is that because it is politically incorrect to say that it is the United States’s unfair support for Israel that was the cause of the 9/11 attacks, we are slipping back into the Middle Ages.  Instead of the ideal of the American melting pot and a world meritocracy, income disparities are increasing on the back of inherited wealth and power while the movement grows for racial and ethnic homogeneity in nations.  While fighting religious fundamentalism in the Moslem world, many in the United States want to limit citizenship to white, Christian, English speaking people.  


            The right wing Christian fundamentalists, in conjunction with racists and birthers are trying to turn the United States into a greater Israel, with ethnic qualifications for citizenship.  The movement to repeal birthright citizenship does not even correctly identify its source.  Only a “natural born” American is eligible to be president.  Natural means nothing if not the absence of human involvement of any kind.  It is in the first Article of the Constitution. 


            There is no doubt that the United States is at war.  The problem is that it is fighting for principles that will only make the war worse.  The stolen 2000 election and the exceptionalist philosophy that it engendered in the American political psyche, has put the United States on a path of perpetual warfare.  The only way to protect a Jewish State on lands taken from the indigenous population, where American Jews have more of a right to live than the non-Jews who already live there, not only requires endless warfare against Moslem fundamentalist states, but also the abandonment of core American principals of non-sectarianism and equal opportunity.


            The world is on a path to religious war fought with nuclear weapons.  Nations with stolen elections are not democracies, so the leaders need to appeal to “higher authority”, namely religion, for making decisions.  Unfortunately, neither the Bible, nor  the Torah, nor the Koran talk about nuclear arms.


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