Bush and Kerry: Unfit for Command

Record Turnout Ignored by Candidates: The Democratic Party is Dead

Chaos at Inaugural Predicted

   Another presidential election has come and not quite gone.  Once again, the Democratic candidate could not wait for the votes to be counted before conceding defeat. The record high turnout and the fact that voters were willing to wait for hours in line (longer than Bush and Kerry were willing to wait for the over 113,000,000 votes to be counted) shows that the nation's leadership does not understand the really high stakes that were at risk in this election.

   In 2000, Al Gore conceded defeat in spite of a 500,000 vote lead, when the Supreme Court stopped the vote count in Florida.  He refused to fight for his popular vote lead all the way through the electoral college.  So, Americans thought there were new rules, it is not how many votes won, but how many electoral votes.

   In 2004, after making "solemn" promises all through the campaign that every vote counts and that every vote would be counted, John Kerry concedes defeat before the vote count is completed in Ohio, Iowa and New Mexico, and it is still theoretically possible for Kerry to win in the electoral college.  What happens if he ends up winning in those states?  Is he going to refuse to become president? 

    Kerry justifies his cowardice and treacherous behavior by saying that the country needs to be unified.  In exchange, he is going to start a civil war in the Democratic Party.  Harry Reid, of Nevada, first in line to become Senate minority leader in the wake of Tom Daschle of South Dakota's defeat, is anti-abortion.  Does Kerry's call for unity extend to the right to choose issue for women?  No.  There will be irresistible pressure for Kerry to challenge Reid for the Senate minority leadership.  That will make Kerry a major leader in the United States Senate during Bush's second term.  Together, Bush and Kerry will sail the ship of state onto the rocks.

   The two parties have become a con game where elections are run with constantly changing rules, never the same two times in a row.  The premise of the Institute of Election Analysis is that government policy can be predicted from careful examination of every vote in the election returns.  When the nation goes to the polls and voters turn out in record high numbers, (there were 900,000 more votes cast in Ohio in 2004 than in 2000, and 9 million overall) and the two so-called leaders of the contending political parties can not wait a week or ten days to listen to what the 5.5 million voters in Ohio are trying to say, not to mention the other 115,000,000 citizens, then catastrophe is right around the corner. 

   The problem is that George W. Bush ran a campaign in 2004 that has done incalculable damage to the country.  He ran on a platform of savaging Kerry's character (which turned out to be accurate), anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage and a record of: war, losing jobs, record deficits and proliferating automatic weapons.

   So, given the prospect of four more years of war, job loses and deficits; what can the voters expect?  I predict domestic violence: gang warfare, caused by unemployment, poverty and the proliferation of assault weapons.

   This domestic insurrection will start in the place where everyone freely admits that votes really don't count, Washington, D.C.; which voted the one office for which its votes really do count, president, for Kerry by 90% to 10% for Bush.

   I predict that Bush's second inaugural, if there is one, will take place, not with the traditional walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, but with the city under martial law and occupied by National Guard troops.  And oh, and don't forget the draft.

   The United States is not a democratic country.  It is a two party dictatorship.  God Help America! 

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